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Playing cards are a key element in the enjoyment of your card games if your card playing choice is Texas Holdem poker, bridge, canasta, euchre, or any other popular card game. For the avid card player, there’s nothing better than shuffling and dealing a brand new deck of cards. They’ve a nice crisp feel, bright easy to read print, vivid colors and slide easily across the table.

In case you have used cheap discount dollar store playing cards made of low-grade paper for your home poker or social card games you know how quickly these cards break down with frequent use. You have felt them getting thicker and feeling cluttered as the paper fibers separate and the edges begin to fray. They were easily soiled from food, skin oils or liquid contamination from the table which made them tacky and so, difficult to shuffle and deal. If they struck drink spill, tragedy, open a new deck! The wearing process began to show after a few hands. They quickly started to display creases and bent or missing corners. These blemishes provided clues concerning the identity of these cards for the sharp-eyed players. You would have been lucky for more than a couple of nights of satisfactory use from these low-end cards.

These problems are greatly reduced or even eliminated by choosing top professional, casino or card room quality cards for you home poker or social card games. By purchasing higher quality playing cards you get a more durable card that’s resistant to the problems associated with deterioration because of prolonged usage. Vinyl coated casino quality cards are manufactured using high-grade paper using a top quality plastic coating. With plastic coated cards you have a card that maintains its crispness and new card feel considerably longer. They stand up during long periods of intense play without bending or tearing and they maintain their clear sharp lettering and graphics. Plastic coated playing cards can be washed but contact with liquids is not advised for any newspaper based card.

For the greatest degree of durability and longevity, your best purchase option is 100% plastic top casino grade playing cards. All-plastic cards will last up to fifty times longer than regular playing cards because they are not subject to the exact same rate of deterioration. The quality, all-plastic composition of those cards gives you a playing card with outstanding durability, literally lasting for ages. They keep their crispness, sharp lettering and images and allow you to clean them with a damp cloth when they become soiled. You just wash themlet them dry and they’re ready for longer play.

While all-plastic playing cards are more expensive to purchase initially, the durability and amount of service they provide makes them the most cost-effective playing card buy in the long-term. All-plastic cards are generally available for purchase in high-end department and chain retail shops, game and sport specialty shops and on poker, bridge and playing card specialty sites online.

As the host, you want your poker or social card games to be as enjoyable as possible for yourself and your card playing partners. By purchasing higher quality cards you will lessen the amount of time spent playing with worn, sticky cards that are tough to shuffle and deal and will reduce the frequency with which you need to replace your cards. Be a good host! Choose top quality playing cards that will help ensure the most enjoyable experiences for yourself and your playing partners while enjoying your favorite card games.

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